About Us


With the trust we have built over the years with our customers, we produce high-quality residences with elevated living standards. Respecting the nature and environment we live in and working in harmony with our competent management systems are among the most important principles of our corporate company structure.

As Torunoğlu A.Ş., the most significant common feature of the housing projects we produce is that they are meticulously designed; taking into consideration every detail of you and your family’s living spaces and during the production phase they have the highest quality standards.

Having completed 20 years in the construction industry, especially in residential development, our company, Torunoğlu A.Ş., has always made the feeling of trust we provide to our customers a guiding principle.

Our Mission

Our most important responsibilities towards our customers include ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction, following up with the evolving technology with our innovative mindset, and combining the high quality and standards that are required for production efficiency. Our mission is to determine our customers’ expectations and needs in the best possible way, to offer both economical and wide range of service and product options, and to provide quality service by producing residences to meet these standards. One of the key principles we have is to develop and maintain relationships with our customers in a warm, friendly, and family-oriented manner.

Our Vision

Over the past 20 years we have spent in the industry, we have never compromised on quality and standards in our housing projects. Guided by this principle, we aim that each new project we create to be modern residences with strong architectural and aesthetic designs and up-to-date innovations. With the homes we produce, we aspire to add more value to the geographical regions, cities and neighborhoods of our country. We approach each new project with the same enthusiasm and energy of the first day and continue to build environmentally conscious and socially engaging modern and livable residences for our valuable customers.